The Secret Of The Rare Pink Pearl

A lustrous string of pearls is every woman’s must have jewelry accessory, but this natural gemstone holds within it an ancient secret. Since time immemorial the empresses of ancient China and Egypt have pampered their skin with the rarest of pearls. Pearl powders were the secret behind the 67 year old Chinese empress Wu Zetian’s impeccable youthful skin when she ascended to the throne in the 7th century. While Cleopatra the queen of Egypt whose fabled beauty has been immortalized in legends glowed like the luminous pearl with the aid of crushed pearl potions, that worked like a fairness cream.

Once the privilege of royalty Citra now brings the power of the pearl for Indian women to enjoy. But the pearl extract in our products is not derived from any ordinary pearl, but from the Rare Korean Akoya Pink Pearl. Synthesizing this natural skin care ingredient is a delicate process involving the culturing of the Korean Akoya Pearl which can take anywhere between 8 months to 2 years. Then the pearls are meticulously cleaned and polished, and thereafter carefully sorted by quality and size. Finally from among thousands, one immaculate pearl is chosen. It is from this shimmering Korean Pearl that Citra draws its Korean Akoya Pearl Extract.

These two years of accumulated goodness has a powerful impact giving you healthy glowing skin, naturally within a week. The potency of the pearl comes from the vitamins, amino acids and over 30 natural minerals that it contains. This remarkable extract works on skin to eliminate toxins, remove sun damage and heal blemishes and dark spots. Pearls are the most concentrated source of Calcium and its protein complex stimulates the regeneration of collagen that helps maintain skin elasticity, accelerates the growth of new skin and maintains an even skin tone.

Today you don’t need to break the bank to have your own string of pearls. Who needs those when your face can shine like the lustrous pearl. Take your skin care tips from empresses with Citra Pearl Fair Face Wash infused with the Korean Pink Pearl whose lightening minerals and nutrients give you skin whitening and brighten your skin from deep within. For best results pamper yourself with the Pearl Fair Face Cream, a luxurious moisturizer that hydrates skin leaving you with healthy fair skin, naturally.