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The Birth of Citra

Citra was born in 1984 in Indonesia with the launch of its first skin care product derived from Indonesia’s classic natural beauty ingredient – the Mangir. The Mangir is a body treatment that contains turmeric and is traditionally used by brides in Indonesia for a pre-wedding ritual. The ritual originated from Javanese princesses who used Mangir to give their skin a natural golden glow. Since the 80’s Citra has grown to emerge as a market leader in both Indonesia and Thailand with a full skincare range that includes body lotion, face cream, face wash, soap and sunscreen.

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Natural Ingredients from the World Over

Over the last 33 years Citra has unearthed Nature’s best kept fairness secrets from the corners of the world. We now bring to India a range of natural ingredients that have been specifically formulated for Indian skin types. With Sakura, and rare Korean Akoya Pearl you can radiate and glow with a natural fairness. Japanese Wakame (seaweed) has cooling properties that soothe skin through the summer months, while Korean Jelly will keep your skin nourished and hydrated during the dry spells of winter. Potent Japanese Green Tea gives pimple-clear skin while Gojiberry will combat the signs of ageing.

Korean JellyKorean Jelly


Akoya PearlAkoya Pearl

Japanese Green TeaJapanese Green Tea

Japanese WakameJapanese Wakame



Citra – Naturals skin care designed for Indian skin

Citra’s India story begins with the launch of our Face care range featuring two exotic ingredients, the Korean Akoya Pearl and Japanese Green Tea. The Korean Akoya Pearl carefully cultured over a two year period, has lightening minerals and nutrients that give skin a fairness that glows from deep within. This remarkable extract works on skin to eliminate toxins, remove sun damage and heal blemishes and dark spots. The Japanese Green Tea’s most potent healing powers come from its anti-oxidants that help maintain a healthy skin balance that reduce pimples in three days, naturally while preventing future breakouts.

Be a part of the Citra story and experience Nature’s best kept fairness secrets today.