Gift your skin the nourishment of Green Tea

How do the powerful antioxidants in Green Tea work for skin whitening ?

Centuries ago the Geishas Japan’s traditional hostesses renowned for their mysteriously glowing flawless skin uncovered a beauty secret. In Japan green tea is an important part of the elaborate Japanese tea drinking ceremony but the Geishas discovered that the therapeutic properties of green tea for skin were immense.

What the Geishas had known science has shown to be true, with a number of scientific studies proving the skin benefits of green tea. Citra driven by a desire to bring natural skin care solutions to Indian women has harnessed the power of Green Tea for its Face Cream and Face Wash. From the plantations of Japan only the finest green tea leaves are selected for the Citra skin care range.

But how do the powerful vitamins and minerals in Green Tea actually work to protect, nourish and brighten skin? Green tea’s most potent healing powers come from its anti-oxidants known as catechins that make skin glow by forming a protective shield against sun damage. The catechins reactivate dying skin cells, reduce blemishes and dark spots, and its skin whitening properties make skin naturally fairer from deep within.

Green Tea potions form a protective barrier against environmental toxins, like dust and pollution that can wreak havoc on your complexion. While its antibacterial and anti-free radical properties reduce inflammations and fight bacteria so that pimples become a thing of the past. Whether your skin type is oily or dry, green tea will help maintain a healthy skin balance which prevents acne and future breakouts.

Use our Japanese Green Tea Pimple Clear Face Wash specifically formulated and extensively tested for Indian skin to reduce pimples in three days, naturally. For best results pair with our Japanese Green Tea Spotless Fair Face Cream that will leave your skin hydrated, glowing and spot-less. Gift yourself the all-natural nourishment of Green Tea for skin and feel your confident best today. And if someone asks you the secret behind your mysterious glow? Shhh! Don’t tell.