Feed Your Skin From The Outside In

We all know the importance of a nutritious balanced diet for a healthy body, and we are conscious of which foods are processed and unhealthy. But do we understand what it is that we are feeding our skin, through the various moisturizers, lotions and face wash products that we use? Just as our body needs nourishment through healthy eating habits so does our skin.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it acts as a sponge absorbing all the potions that we lather onto it. Synthetic skin care products contain chemicals that can produce side effects, like hormonal breakouts or allergies. But potentially even more damaging is that these products when applied to the skin get absorbed into the bloodstream and are then carried to the organs and other parts of the body. These toxins then remain inside the body and can cause damage, harming the body’s internal natural balance.
Skin care woman face with green leaf, concept for skin care or organic cosmetics, caucasian

By using natural skin care products you can guard your skin and your body against harmful toxins. Citra has explored the farthest reaches of the world and has conducted extensive research to find Nature’s best kept secrets to give Indian women the gift of truly healthy glowing skin, naturally. Formulated specifically for Indian skin we bring to you two powerful ingredients in our new Face Care range, the rare Korean Pink Pearl and the antioxidant rich Japanese Green Tea.

Our Pearl Fair Face Care products contain the Korean Pink Pearl extract which is a storehouse of skin whitening minerals that reduce blemishes and dark spots and brighten skin from deep within. It is the only fairness cream you will ever need. Our Pimple-Clear Face Wash and Spotless Fair Face Cream contain Japanese green tea, whose powerful anti-oxidants tackle inflammation, reduce pimples naturally in 3 days and prevent future breakouts. With Citra you can bring the naturals revolution to your skin care today.